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9" Depth Changer Two-Piece Voodoo Shimmer

$65.00 $90.00

Slow Sinking Crankbait 

Comes with VMC 5/0 4X strength hooks

• Weight- 6.75 oz

• Casting Depth 1-8ft

• Trolling Depth 2-10ft

• Adjustable stainless-steel bill to change your running depth 

• Made out of Maple hardwood

• Triple epoxy sealed

• Three coats of paint 

• Four Top coats of epoxy

• Five internal weights to keep the bait balanced at high speeds

• Gives off a lot of vibration 

• Joints make a very loud clicking sound to attract fish

• Cast it, troll it, run it deep, run it shallow, pause it, twitch it, rip it, slow roll it, burn it, there’s no wrong way to use it.

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