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Wack Job Pink Belly Rascal



2 oz (without added weight)

no weight- slow sinks and dives 0-2ft

1/4oz screw in weight- moderate sink 1- 2.5ft casting

1/2oz screw in weight- fast sinks 2-4ft casting 3-5ft trolling

3/4oz screw in weight- fast sinks 4ft+ casting 5ft+ trolling

Adjustable stainless steel bill to change your running depth. Bend towards the chest to run shallower. Bend towards the nose to run deeper.

Handcrafted out of cedar with side grooves sanded into the sides to give it a really big belly roll.

Wood is double sealed and two coats of epoxy before paint. Receives four coats of paint and then three more top coats of epoxy are applied.

Comes with VMC 4X strength hooks and three different size weights (listed above)


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